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Wall Covering

When paint alone is not enough! Sometimes your wall needs to hold up to high traffic, add more elegance to a room or make a statement that conveys confidence and quality. Wall coverings can be used to hide surface imperfections, stabilize plaster walls and add value to your property. Today wall coverings can be used to add a touch of your personality or set a special tone and ambiance to your home, church or business.
Expert Wall Cover Application

Removal of Old Wallpaper/Covering

  • Carefully Remove Old Wall Treatments
  • Strip away old glue and adhesive
  • Remove and Discard Old

Surface Preparation

  • Deep Clean all Surfaces
  • Repair Imperfections, Holes and
  • Seal / Size the Surface for Good Adhesion
Quality, Durable Wall Coverings

The bottom line on adding perfect looking wall coverings that last a long time… is to start with a well prepared wall. BVZ will take the time to correctly prepare your walls BEFORE starting the project. This critical step makes sure you get the look you want and the performance you need.
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