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Churches have special needs when it comes to painting and decorating. Our crews do everything possible to avoid disruption of services and special events and to maintain a good margin of safety for people who must walk near project areas. Our experience includes everything from steeples and bell towers, sanctuaries and alters to entry areas and basement fellowship halls.

Interior Painting & Coatings

  • Walls, Ceilings, Woodwork
  • Statuary and Murals
  • Floors and Walkways

Wall Coverings

  • Wall Paper, Fabrics & Vinyl’s
  • Appliqué Murals & Scriptures
  • Sound Management Applications
Quality Paint and Wall Coverings

Choosing the right paint, coatings and coverings for your church you will lower your long term maintenance costs while improving the aesthetics of areas for worship and prayer. BVZ can help you by recommending multiple options for a specific use or location. For high traffic areas you may even consider an automatic touch up schedule, BVZ will keep those areas looking fresh and clean all year round.
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