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BVZ offers a wide variety of painting, sealing, dry wall, and decorating services with a tradition of interior and exterior residential painting and decorating. Located in Fort Wayne, Indiana, BVZ specialized services for industrial facilities, includes cleaning and protective coatings for buildings, outdoor structures and equipment. Commercial projects include... shopping centers, offices, apartment complexes, hospitality & entertainment venues like nightclubs, motels, restaurants, performing arts venues & parks. We also have a long history of decorating churches, schools and other similar specialized use facilities. See one of our latest projects start to finish on the right.

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We believe our most important responsibility is to make the customer happy. Happy customers call us back again and again to do all types of projects... from cleaning and sealing a basement floor to decorating a new shopping center or office complex. Give us a call today to discuss your next project.
Just a phone call away; we can get the hole in your drywall fixed, seal and protect your porch or deck, give your home a complete face lift or make your office look fresh and new.

Call today for both interior and exterior painting projects. Call us soon and let us get started....
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